When Commonwealth Credit Union began offering loan products powered by CuneXus, the ROI was immediate — new loan volume jumped by 288% YOY. And this was only the beginning. The Commonwealth team saw loan volume, loan balances and limits, and total loan requests all increase over comparable time periods prior to implementing the one-click platform.

Perpetual loan approval provided Commonwealth members with a new benefit for their credit union membership — instant access to loans across multiple product lines and through every channel.

Commonwealth maximized its success by preparing and incentivizing its in-house teams to create a compelling member experience by:

Making the loan process quick and easy for members

Meeting and exceeding current on-demand standards

Continually improving the member experience

The results of this new process were extraordinary. We expected good results, but we hadn’t anticipated just how good this would be!

Jaynel Christensen, Vice President of Lending, Commonwealth Credit Union

Find out how Commonwealth grew new loans by 65% month over month in just the first month — and kept growing from there.