Ensure Consumers Shop With You First

Embedded banking and banking as a service are creating competitors at every purchase experience. To survive, credit unions and banks must offer consistent and constant value to consumers — before they are approached by alternative options. 

With CuneXus, you have every opportunity to deliver financial excellence to customers and members with a full range of valuable non-interest income solutions. Our digital storefront keeps your offers top-of-mind, and conditions customers and members to shop with you first for add-on products. As just one example, our platform allows banks and credit unions to reintegrate Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) policies into the auto loan process for new online and mobile cross-selling opportunities. That benefits both consumers and their institutions for a non-interest income win–win.

Easily Activate New Revenue Streams

Better compete against digital-first challengers by offering value-add products and services

Recoup Lost Non-Interest Income

Recapture the ability to cross-sell consumer-centric non-interest income products

Reduce Effort and Expense

Seamlessly integrate beneficial products into the loan 

Increase Member Loyalty

Simplify consumer acceptance of products and eliminate the need for follow-up work 

Easy Activation of New Revenue Streams

The CuneXus platform provides easy access to non-interest income products as add-on features for your pre-approved loans. You determine whether to offer a feature to your members or customers as an opt-in or opt-out option. With either option, the offer is seamlessly integrated into the loan process and can be accepted by the customer or member with just a few taps.

With the CuneXus platform, we recapture the non-interest income we were losing as the manual auto loan process became increasingly digitalized.

Jaynel Christensen, Vice President of Lending at Commonwealth Credit Union