Even with higher than industry-average pre-approved response rates, Arizona Federal Credit Union wanted to push the lending envelope. The credit union’s existing third-party lending system would email pre-approved loan notifications to select members, but members still had to fill out lengthy forms either by logging into their online account or by visiting a branch office.

Then Arizona Federal switched to CuneXus and immediately saw a dramatic improvement in overall response rate. The always-on visibility of the CuneXus pre-approved loan offers not only improved the front-end experience for members, but also resulted in a hefty 35.9% increase in response rate, leading to a higher ROI and more loan revenue for the credit union. 

The question was, ‘How can we deliver a quick, easy, ubiquitous and frictionless lending experience to our members – without trying to build it ourselves?

Eric Givens, Associate Vice President of Research and Development, Arizona Federal Credit Union

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