Financial institutions face intense competition today, with fintech alternatives as well as banks and credit unions all focused on the same finite market of consumers. But with the CuneXus digital storefront, financial institutions can now activate pre-screened lending technology to target both current account holders and acquire new members and customers. Our comprehensive platform provides customized loan offers to current account holders as well as prospects, with a simple one-click acceptance.

With four easy steps, consumers can accept your pre-approved loan offers. This is all it takes:


Account holders get your pre-approved loan offer via direct mail or email campaign.


They visit your landing page on a computer or hand-held device.


They enter the desired loan amount and choose from available repayment terms.


They activate the offer in less than 30 seconds.

Long-term sustainable growth in the banking industry seems only possible with a radical departure from a sales- and product-obsessed mindset to one of genuine customer-centricity, and further rationalization of strategies to target the right markets, customer segments and solutions. Fintechs, with their laser-sharp customer focus, have shown that it is possible to meet, and arguably even exceed, customer expectations.

Deloitte, 2018 Banking Industry Outlook

Ready to activate this easy solution to grow your lending program for current and prospective account holders?