Unleash the Power of One-Click Convenience 

CuneXus reinvents the way financial institutions approach consumer lending by delivering tailored financial products and services with one-click convenience through an easy-to-use digital storefront. We offer the right technology at the right time — so consumers have access to the funds they want and lenders benefit from efficiencies that boost their bottom line.  

Provide Premium Personalized Experiences

CuneXus enables institutions to find highly qualified consumers where they are and proactively present them with premium solutions from a partner they already trust, you. Our one-click, perpetual lending strategies are mobile-ready, convenient and powerfully personal.

CuneXus Digital Storefront Delivers Quick and Clear Options

When you simplify the loan process for prospective account holders, you create more opportunities for new relationships, repeat engagements — and long-term growth.

The Right Solution for the Right Time

Discover how financial institutions use the CuneXus platform to solve the problems they — and their account holders — encounter every day.

Keep your financial institution top-of-mind for consumers — even before they check their credit scores.